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I am here to help you find balance,

and transform your life from the inside out.

Discover more acceptance and self-compassion through safe and supportive sessions. Together we will explore emotions and thoughts holding you back, and help you move forwards in your life!

These tools have changed my life, and they can change yours too!

Stella Sheldon

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Come along for an afternoon of relaxation.

A healing Qigong circle, sharing gentle and uplifting movement together, as we awaken and balance the meridian system. After a tea break we follow with group EFT tapping to clear emotional blocks and feel more flow and freedom.

Shibashi is a very accessible form of Tai chi that supports the whole-body system (organs, muscles, circulation etc) to find balance. It's a form of moving meditation and breath practice.

EFT tapping is a mindbody therapy where we physically tap on meridian points around the body to soothe the nervous system. It is evidence based and helps us release suppressed emotions and stress.

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Discover your soul and connect to the universe within.

Are you ready for greater depth in life?

This FREE short hypnosis is a perfect way to

start your day.


Are you ready to feel brighter, more resilient

and positive? 

Listen every morning for 7 days and discover the

change from within.

Listen as soon as you wake up in bed for

maximum results.

I'd love to hear about your experience!

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A meditation gift for you

EFT tapping|Healing Hypnotherapy
Awareness practice
NLP coaching| Long term condition support|
Qigong & EFT circles| Shibashi Qigong|
Soulful retreats| Pathway packages|
Wellbeing talks & Workplace wellbeing|


Transformation happens in every aspect of your life, not just during the session itself. For this reason, I will coach you to develop your own self-healing practice, so you can discover sustainable change from the inside out.

Online sessions

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NEW venue

Mondays in Norwich

Soma Wellbeing 

In-person sessions

Garden room,
North Walsham, Norfolk


Visit beautiful Soma Wellbeing at Bagley's Court, Pottergate, Norwich NR2 1TW.

Special concession £55 offered for NHS staff, support workers, carers, teachers and therapists/practitioners.

Live zoom meeting



Are you ready for transformation?

Meet Stella

Awareness. Mind-Body connection. Thought patterns. Self-healing. Inner child work. Acceptance. Emotional release. Self-compassion. Energy balance. Long term condition & fatigue support.

"I am here to support you to reconnect with yourself on a deeper level! It's time to really listen to what your life is trying to tell you. 

So often the symptoms that we are struggling with, from anxiety to addictive patterns, are a call to look at where we need to heal. 

I am here to support you to find courage and explore the unconscious blocks, so they can be released and you can begin to live in greater awareness and alignment."

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Are you tired of feeling lost, anxious or exhausted? 

Do you feel like something is missing in your life, but you don't know where to turn for support?

I am so pleased you've found your way to Soul Space and I would love to help you on your unique journey.

Together we will help you feel more connected to your true self and at peace in your body. You will feel more confident to take steps to a happier and healthier life, learning how to calm and self-regulate.

Your mind-body is always trying to speak to you, often we need support to re-discover this lost connection and language.

When I began to get curious and listen to symptoms showing up in my life instead of fighting and suppressing them, something amazing happened...

I began to shift old toxic thought patterns that had held me back for many years.

It was the beginning of a huge change in my life and I want this for you too!

Together we will re-awaken your natural healing state and introduce powerful self-care techniques that you will be empowered to use for the rest of your life. There truly is a different way of Being.

I am healing obsessed and cannot wait to help you reunite with your soul.

Sessions are beautifully holistic, and depending on your desired goals I will use a combination of hypnosis, EFT, NLP coaching techniques and mindfulness approaches. All therapy techniques used are a part of my own personal self-care and spiritual practice


Change is possible. You deserve a full life. Let's begin...

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Why work with me?

Stella Rose Sheldon

Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist

Accredited NLP practitioner coach
Advanced accredited EFT practitioner

Accredited Master EFT trainer & Supervisor
CPD & Supervision commitment 
Qigong Shibashi instructor
Chen Tai Chi student
10+ years in community support
and social care
MA Philosophy | Ba (Hons) Fine art
Arts and wellbeing facilitator
Lived experience with chronic illness|
M.E/CFS recovery journey 

DBS certificate 

Are you ready for a change? 

My Story

Hello gorgeous soul!

Woman therapist smiling with sun shining.

I have created this space to support people to open their life up to more vitality and healing. I know that therapeutic relationships and space hold incredible power for lasting and significant change. I believe therapy is for everyone and necessary for an aligned and authentic life.

Most of us come into this world knowing we are whole and loveable, with a healthy nervous system. Along the way we have learnt we need to prove ourselves worthy in order to feel safe and loved, which is a collective traumatic wound.

As our life unfolds, we collect many small t and big T traumas that throw our nervous system into disarray.


We are seeing a cultural epidemic of chronic stress and trauma, resulting in a wide range of health issues. I remember as a child feeling something was wrong with me and as I got older I had numerous health issues from IBS and anxiety to depression and addictive behaviour.


Everything came to a head in my 20's when I was hit with ME (Chronic fatigue CFS) and set on a path of recovery which changed my life beyond what I could have imagined.


After years of ignoring my body and soul and suppressing my emotions, I found myself in crisis and realised that these symptoms were a message that my life was making me sick!


I would learn that healing is in fact about learning who I am and how to be authentic in the ongoing lesson.


From my own experience I have found therapy, spirituality and nutrition to be a necessary part of understanding why I became ill and how to create a healthier and fulfilling life. This journey continues with new chapters, shadows and awakenings. 


Learning to set boundaries and reprogram my old identity patterns has been essential. So much of my identity was based on over-giving and proving my worth. Sound familiar? 


I am passionate about sharing what I have discovered so others don't have to struggle and feel hopeless. 

Change is possible, one step at a time.

Everything I share with clients is a part of my own healing journey.


When I started training in hypnotherapy and EFT, I was amazed by the way it calmed stress, allowing people to enter a healing state.

I have always known that I wanted to have a career that helped people, as well as being creative and challenging. After over ten years in the voluntary sector and a background in Fine art, Philosophy and critical theory, I have found my home.

I feel truly grateful to have discovered therapies and approaches that continuously amaze me. I have the gift of seeing incredible changes in the lives of clients as well as profound shifts in my own life.

Therapists are always growing and healing, we don't have it all figured out. I believe that our gift is to help you find your inner strength and awaken the

healing and growth ability that all humans have. As humans we are guided by a deep longing for more, and in honouring this longing we must learn to hold both light and shadow, in ourselves and the world. 

I am committed to ongoing personal therapy, supervisions and self-exploration, to support my own growth. I strongly believe that this is a requirement in being able to hold space for other people and facilitate healing.

Life inevitably throws difficult things our way, but we can all learn to be kind to ourselves and see therapy and relaxation as a way to maintain or regain balance. 

I believe that showing ourselves compassion and feeling content is a lifelong journey and at times a bit of a rollercoaster!

What might your unique path look like, feel like?


It really is all about what feels right for you, and I would love to help you find your path and give your soul the space it longs for and deserves.

"Thank you for making me a
stronger woman."


Soul Space services

Have you tried different talking therapies and found them useful, but feel you still have things you want to address? Soul Space mind body tools are an incredible new way to heal and move forward in your life. Often people are amazed, after years of trying different approaches.

1:1 therapy sessions online

& in-person in North Walsham.

Begin your Soul Space journey with Stella and re-connect with your deeper self. 

Groups in Norfolk

Join me at an upcoming group. 

Qigong & EFT Circles| Soulful seasonal events| MindBody Saturdays| Long term condition group

Soulful Retreats

Go deeper and give yourself time for sacred connection and relaxation. 

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Ethics. Integrity. Values

  • EFT and mindfulness centre accredited advanced practitioner
  • Committed to regular supervision and peer support 
  • Committed to continued professional development (CPD)
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