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Discover Emotional freedom technique (EFT)

It's that time of year when the Tapping World Summit online event gets me all kinds of excited about this amazing therapy! The Summit is organised by The Tapping Solution and has been running for fifteen years. You can access the event for free and enjoy interviews and experiential tapping with EFT professionals around the world.

Two years ago my life changed significantly when I hopped onto the Summit and watched an interview with Dr Kim D'Eramo. She is a MindBody doctor who completely shook up my personal healing journey and professional practice with clients, not to mention ignited my love for EFT. Her wise message, "don't make your symptoms wrong" had a huge impact for me.

I had been using EFT on a basic level for years, alongside my hypnotherapy practice, but I had not grasped the true healing power of it or how to take clients further with tapping. Sometimes in life it isn't just the content of a message, but also the connection we feel with the person sharing it. Much like in therapy, it isn't just the modality the therapist uses, but our connection with that person that supports our healing. I had found someone who spoke to my soul. I hope I can speak to yours.

I have lived with chronic illness symptoms for many years and I have accepted this to be a part of my healing journey in this lifetime. This acceptance is an ongoing learning and believe me, some days I feel less acceptance, and I am learning to give myself permission to feel that. I have chosen to give this condition meaning by delving into the journey of healing, so I can learn how to help others heal their own life too. EFT helped me discover how much I was suppressing my emotions about my health and my body, and just how detrimental this was to my well-being.

I have learnt, and continue to learn, to reconnect with my body and rebuild that trust that had been lost. My own challenge was to stop fighting myself and soften to the symptoms and listen to my body. I now coach clients on these tools. The symptom is not a problem to be fixed, but in fact your wise guide, showing you sign posts at every turn. I had become 'ill' because my body was yelling for me to recentre and find myself. All was not well! A symptom for you could be physical or emotional, a difficult relationship or toxic work patterns...what keeps coming up in your life? There will be patterns and indicators of what you need to clear. We just need to learn to see and feel them.

EFT allows us to meet the body where it is and rebuild that connection, somatic work is an absolute necessity in a modern world. We cannot know ourselves or others, without knowing our own body. It is the gateway to the soul and our ultimate font of knowledge and power! Through tapping we explore sensations, emotions, thoughts and give them a voice whilst promoting the qi flow around the meridian system.

For me, this has been life changing. Sitting in my kitchen two years a go, I was tapping to the words of Dr Kim and realised that I had been suppressing my emotions about my symptoms and therefore preventing my body accessing its natural healing state. We are learning the power of the human body to really heal itself and I believe we will be amazed by what is discovered in coming years.

So whatever your challenge may be today, whatever thing is holding you back, or you just cannot seem to get beyond...I highly recommend trying EFT. It is a beautifully gentle way of peeling back the layers of stuff we've built up over time, whilst growing through self-acceptance and compassion.

I will be going deeper with further EFT Advanced Practitioner training this month and I am excited to learn more so I can help more clients access healing. For the last week I have tapped daily for 10-20 minutes on a range of 'issues' and felt a breath of spring fresh air. It is like a shadow practice where we clear out our closet of all those old clothes and make room for new joy.

EFT tapping has been recognised by the NICE guidelines since 2018 as a clinically and cost effective treatment for PTSD and it that is only the start of the story. It can help with almost anything, and brings the mind and body together beautifully. The icing on the cake...we can learn how to tap on ourselves too!

Are you ready to clear the inner closet and release what no longer serves you? Me too! Join me for deeply supportive 1:1 therapy, or collective healing at groups and online. Explore EFT tapping and your inner Universe.

Thank you for your time today and I hope this has been useful for you. If you have any questions or thoughts, don't hesitate to reach out. I'd love to hear from you!

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Warm wishes

Stella x

PS There is still a few days left of free access to the summit:

Dr Kim D'Eramo:

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