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I love hearing from clients about how this work has made a difference! 

By simply reading about client's experiences, your mind is opening to what is possible for you...

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"Stella is an amazing therapist. She has produced lovely hypnotherapy 'tapes' for a relative of mine who suffers with severe anxiety. I got the idea to ask her for a recording from attending a wonderful yoga and relaxation afternoon. I know a number of hypnotherapists but find Stella's voice the most soothing and relaxing. Stella always comes across as 100% genuine and caring in all that she does - I feel very fortunate to have met her."
Louise Howlett, Nutritional therapist & Transformational coach

"I cannot recommend Stella highly enough.
I have been having EFT therapy with her on and off for several months, and the change which she has helped me make to my life and my perspectives are immeasurable.
She is kind, empathic, non judgemental and understanding. I feel like I could bring anything to Stella, and she would help me through.
Her holistic approach is gentle and effective, helping me get to the root of the problem, kindly and slowly dealing with painful issues in a way which is manageable and progressive. If you have a pandora’s box of issues, which you’re not sure you can face, but you know you have to, Stella is the perfect person to help you and support you, every step of the way.
Thank you Stella"

Anna W, EFT practitioner and counsellor

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" I'm so glad I decided to go ahead with the Fatigue Package offered by Stella.
I felt really supported and understood during the sessions and learnt how to be much kinder to myself as well as manage my symptoms.
The extra support Stella offers through follow-up emails with hypnosis tracks and points to work, on are the icing on the cake and make the fatigue therapy package extremely good value for money. "
" Stella is a wonderful person to work with, she creates a safe space to explore our inner workings of the mind and body.
My migraines have reduced dramatically, I’m sleeping better and feel so much more relaxed.
Stella has taught me easy to use techniques to reduce anxiety and stress. I’m so glad I’ve found her!"
Kathryn S

"Thank you so much for this afternoon's Qigong circle.

I felt so relaxed afterwards and much calmer. I'm always on edge! I feel much less stiff. It's so gentle and you are a very good teacher.

I also loved the humming and tapping."

Qigong circle member

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"My first experience of Soul Space was in January at a soulful Sunday circle. This was the start of my journey which is ongoing. I join the Qigong circle whenever I am able which brings calmness into my life. I also have EFT therapy with Stella which helps enormously with dealing with my grief. I find the sessions very helpful & Stella is a wonderfully kind & caring person.
I would definitely recommend Soul Space."
Sarah H

"Stella is enormously empathic and intuitive.

She has helped me understand my emotions without questioning their validity."

Online pathway client, SS

" I believe Stella knows what she is talking about. She has her clients' best interests at heart, and she genuinely wants to help people improve their lives. I would have no hesitation recommending Stella to clients.

It’s not easy to find a therapist who really cares.

Stella is one of those people."

Joy Gower, Hypnotherapist,

NLP Master at Joy Gower training.


Thank you for your feedback

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I know that you are trained and know how to care for people, but all the training in the world can't make you a natural. You are a natural.


This is ongoing and I am in a much better place with my family now. When I came to you, I was checking appliances before leaving the house, and this has improved a lot. The other day I left without checking anything and it felt amazing! "  

Sarah P

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"The six-session pathway was exactly what I needed at a difficult time in my life. Being free to bring more depth and focus through EFT and hypnosis has been a transformative process for me.

In the fog of depression and anxiety it can be hard to see anything meaningful in one's life.

In all our meetings you have been a dedicated listener, and somebody who responds with understanding and compassion. You have an intuitive way of putting a complex puzzle of emotions and thoughts into a form that always makes sense...

So, thank you Stella for allowing me to

see more clearly."

Tony, pathway client

Fatigue Support Pathway

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"Working with Stella may well have changed my life...

During the fatigue pathway, Stella worked with me to challenge my own assumptions, unblock trauma, promote healing behaviours, and shift my perspective in a way that got me on the road to recovery.

When I started working with Stella, I could barely walk and talk from whole-body fatigue. Two months on, my symptoms have vastly improved, and I feel hopeful about my chances of a full recovery.

Her empathetic coaching style, real-life experience with CFS/ME and application of hypnosis and other techniques make this well worth it for anyone with chronic illness."

Cami, Fatigue Pathway

Mat, online hypnosis 

" 10/10.  

Friendly, calm, and approachable (...)

The session and techniques took place online (...)

I would defiantly recommend this form of treatment with Stella, and whilst I would state personally for me in person sessions are the most beneficial, online did work for me."

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"Our business really benefited from Stella's class.


She took the team out of their comfort zone and showed them how they can find time to breathe and reflect during their usual days at work. Her introduction to NLP was tailored specifically for our company and the Qigong session was just the right amount of complexity for a group that's unfamiliar with it.


I would highly recommend Soul Space to any company looking to do something worthwhile for their team's wellbeing."


Workplace wellbeing client- Andrea Wake,

Director of Operations, Artlist Nowich

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