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My approach

Through my own life challenges, from chronic illness to anxiety, I have fallen in love with the beautiful and messy world of healing. 

I have developed a unique therapy experience based on tried and tested approaches, all tools I share are a part of my daily practice.

I truly live this work and know how powerful it can be!

Through online or in-person sessions we will use mind-body techniques to help you discover a fuller life, beyond what you thought possible. 

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The Soul Space way

Do you ever think...there must be more to life?

How can therapy support you?

There is no one else just like you. You have a unique set of qualities to bring to the world. So often, we are living with a belief or behaviour learnt in the past that is holding us back.

It's time to thank those parts of you and begin to let them go, allowing room for new seeds to grow.
You can thank them for keeping you safe. 

Hypnotherapy, NLP & EFT tapping are powerful ways to do this inner work and improve the quality of your life...because you matter. Everyone matters.

There is no magic wand. If we understand that small steps lead to great strides, we can give ourselves the compassion we deserve and be patient for real change at a deep and lasting level.

Over time these small changes can lead you to a life beyond what you thought possible, this has certainly been my experience.

Soul Space therapy sessions are like opening a door to a new world that lies inside you.
Whatever your journey up to this point, these therapies are a wonderful means for exploration and healing. I am here to support you!

Therapy sessions are holistically tailored to your unique needs and specific changes you would like to see in your life.

Together we will help you feel better and re-discover your path in life.

Online sessions

laptop with woman client typing.

NEW venue

Mondays in Norwich

Soma Wellbeing 

In-person sessions

Garden room,
North Walsham, Norfolk


Visit beautiful Soma Wellbeing at Bagley's Court, Pottergate, Norwich NR2 1TW.

Special concession £55 offered for NHS staff, support workers, carers, teachers and therapists/practitioners.

Live zoom meeting



Are you ready for transformation?

Exploration call


An exploration call is a chance to tell me what brings you to this work and learn more about

how I can help you.

There is no obligation to book, and I will do my best to support you to find the right practitioner.


I'd love to hear from you.

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Healing Hypnosis

Therapeutic hypnosis is an amazing experience.


After an explorative discussion I will support you to enter a relaxed trance, creating a deep healing state and re-training your system to relax more easily in daily life.

I will use special techniques to reprogram old thought patterns, connecting you with your intuition and the life you want.

Hypnosis is not a magic wand, but a wonderful practice. You will leave feeling more grounded and calm. 

 I provide recordings to listen to in-between sessions, and can coach you in self-healing tools that will help embed the work we do whilst you're in trance.

Freedom Technique

What is tapping?

EFT is a powerful mind-body therapy that helps you clear blocked emotions, resolve symptoms and discover a more fulfilling life.

This energy psychology is evidence based with research studies showing that it reduces cortisol up to 24% and significantly helps PTSD symptoms.

Through gently tapping on meridian points and saying out loud how you feel, you can quickly move energetic blocks and feel change.

When people discover the benefits of EFT, big shifts begin to occur in their life.

I love sharing this tool and coaching people

on self-tapping techniques.

I use self-tapping as a regular and integral part of my practice and have completed my Level 3 advanced practitioner training.

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Discovering the roots

In therapy sessions (online or in-person) we will explore what changes you want to see and the underlying causes of issues and symptoms.  I will ask questions and get specific about how these issues feel and where and when they show up in your life. Asking different questions and sparking a new perspective is key to changing your inner and outer world.


Your unique journey

From this we establish a map unique to you and your life that will be the guide for the work we do together.  Through different techniques I will support you to understand why you are where you are today, empowering you to make changes. Forgiveness and self-compassion are a big part of this work. The map we operate from is just one reality that has been formed from beliefs we have's time to ask yourself whether these beliefs really true for you now?


Healing your life

Our deep work together will be to clear blocked emotions, neutralise past events and develop a self-compassion practice to support your ongoing path. Through EFT tapping we help you release emotions and hypnosis will support you to explore unconscious parts that have been holding you back. There is no magic wand but together we will set stronger foundations for positive growth.


Planting new seeds

When enough is cleared and accepted, we can plant new beliefs, behaviours and energies that will support you to discover the life you want. We do this through communicating with the unconscious mind in hypnosis and building healthier thought patterns. Basically, we work to get you on your own side and reduce resistance and internal fighting. 

It is not a linear journey and we often need to revisit events and memories at different stages in our life.


Ongoing support

I develop each session around your needs. You can delve into an intensive pathway of 6 or 10 sessions or choose a pay as you go process.

I am always here for ongoing top-ups and clients find this very useful.


Areas of support include...

Spiritual journey. Shadow work. 

Connect with yourself on a deeper level. 

Develop your own self-healing practice.

Inner child work. Radical self-acceptance.

Self-compassion. Hypnotic timeline regression.

Anxiety. health anxieties. social phobias.

Grief & bereavement.

Habits and addictive behaviours.
Feeling hopeless and stuck.
Inner critic and bully. Self-worth and confidence.

Food anxieties. Body issues.

Long term condition/ chronic illness support.
ME/CFS. Long Covid. 
Managing health issues. Acceptance.

Life is too short; we owe it to ourselves to

shine at our brightest.

I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions. That said, everyone is different, and some people have fewer sessions whilst others have more. My preference is to work with clients over longer periods, as this allows for deeper work.

Through sessions we can explore a range of issues and begin to coach you on a self-care practice. Many people like to book an initial individual session and then commit to a block once they feel confident it is the right fit.

It's all about what feels right for you. 

Individual sessions-



Soul Space Pathway

6 session package- 



Included in Pathway: 

6 unique therapy sessions in person or online


Hypnosis library lifetime recordings

Email coaching and support in-between sessions. 

Follow up call up to 6 months later.

Instalment option is available for those who are committed to the pathway but unable to pay upfront. If you're not able to afford this fee but feel committed to working with me, reach out to discuss a video & audio package.

I am committed to each client I work with and genuinely want to see you grow and discover the life you want.

Are you ready to give yourself the SPACE you deserve to 

overcome your barriers?

I can help you tap into your inner's all within YOU.

Block of 3 sessions-

Concessions available in Norwich
Mondays £55 
NHS staff, support workers, carers,
teachers and therapists/practitioners.

I am here to help you to discover your soul!

Woman therapist standing in woods smiling.

Is this work calling to you?


Soul Space therapy is here to guide your next steps using tried and tested approaches.

No one session or pathway is the same, all sessions are bespoke to your unique journey.

There is no one else quite like you, it's time to remind you how powerful you are!

Get in touch to explore your pathway to a healthier, happier and fuller life.

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